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About Us

SmartestHR agency offers innovative recruitment services, building a bridge between employers and talented candidates online, and full recruitment support offline. We offer effective recruiting solutions primarily for the hospitality industry and also help people from this industry to get opportunities in other fields.  

Nuša Šolar

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Tomislav Čeh

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Our smart recruitment app is also a networking app, where you can find new job opportunities and connect with employers after suitability has been verified. Employers can easily find and connect with matching candidates.  

The key persons behind the SmartestHR app and the business owners are Nuša Šolar and Tomislav Čeh. For many years, they faced recruitment-related issues, especially in the field of hospitality. So they decided it was time to tackle this problem and took a step forward with SmartestHR solutions.  

SmartestHR is here to bring you all the advantages you need:  

- we have invaluable experience in the hospitality industry and know this business inside out,
- our database contains over 500 hospitality industry professionals,
- we believe in and work with a progressive approach,
- our well designed recruitment process provides you with regular updates and consistent results,
- confidentiality is extremely important to us,
- we offer the highest possible success rate, but we also offer replacement guarantees for added security,
- we are passionate about what we do!  

Contact us for more information – we are here to make your recruitment process a success!

Join us and find the job that matches your wants and needs. We offer the easiest way to connect with employers directly.